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Core business values | Education | Courtland Photography

For newly engaged couples, choosing a photographer is quite a task. In a sea of talented individuals and pretty pictures, how else can you narrow down a decision? Well, there’s much more to a photography company than just pretty pictures.

So, what does Courtland Photography believe in?

Below are six core values that dictate who I am, what I believe and what I strive for as an individual, team, and company.


Core value #1: We are adventurous.

We understand that our time on this Earth is limited, and we value experiencing life to the fullest. We love thrills, chills, and everything in between. Traveling is a huge part of our lives, and we are always eager to learn more about the people who inhabit this precious planet.

Core value #2: We strive to be helpful.

Helping others gives us a warm and fuzzy inside. We aim to provide a fun and stress-free experience not only to our clients, but to their friends and family as well. The more value we give to our clients’ lives, the more value we find in our own lives.

Core value #3: We seek continuous knowledge.

The more we learn and wiser we become, the higher the chances are of making a positive impact in the world. We embrace new challenges, humbly seek our learning opportunities, and continue to grow in our personal and professional lives.

Core value #4: We are fun!

In everything we do, we enjoy having a good time doing it, and we exert good vibes in the process. This ties in closely with seeking adventure. Since our time on the Earth is limited, why not have fun living life?

Core value #5: We are open-minded.

We realize there are few things in this world that are black and white. It’s good to keep an open mind because we recognize that not everyone thinks and acts the same way we do. We understand that change is the only thing guaranteed in the world, and we should embrace it. To do so, we must keep an open mind.

Core value #6: We are talented creatives.

Beyond consistently delivering high-quality experiences and products, we continue to elevate in each of our areas, never settling for “good enough.” We aim to learn from our mistakes and do our best not to repeat them. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

There you have it! I hope my core business values have given you insight on what Courtland Photography stands for and believes in. The last seven years has been quite the journey, and I’m so stoked to see what the next seven years has in store!

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