Every couple is different, and thus every wedding is different. I lOVE that! It's my job is to document one of the most important days of your life, so it's crucial we connect on a personal level. In fact, photographers are with you more than any other wedding vendor, and in order to get creative, emotional, and authentic photographs of your big day it's important that we go beyond surface level. To achieve this task, I develop a real relationship with all of my clients and ensure that your love story is captured like no other. Your story matters, and it deserves to be showcased.




How photography saved my life

Shooting weddings bridges so many elements of my life's passions together: Surrounding myself with positive people, traveling to amazing locations, and documenting life’s once in a lifetime moments. I realized that I could do photojournalism on people’s best day, rather than their worst.

Wedding photography inspired me to be a better human, and quite literally saved my life because it gave me a purpose again. I've photographed weddings since 2013, and I fall in love with them more and more after each passing year.

The moment I discovered weddings, everything changed!

In 2005 I joined the Army as an Infantryman. While stationed in Germany, I developed a passion for traveling and documenting everything I experienced. I bought a little Sony point-and-shoot camera that I carried everywhere, including my deployments to the Middle East. Whether it be exploring parts of Europe or during a dangerous mission in Iraq, I was shooting my camera.

Once I left the military in 2010, I was a lost soul. PTSD and depression consumed my life and I no longer had a purpose. I knew I loved photography, so I attended college for photojournalism and had dreams of being a war photographer. A few years later I photographed my first wedding.


Couples who work with me know that I always go the extra mile. From the first time we meet, I strive to be considered a friend rather than "the photographer".  My process involves us  getting to know each other on a more personal level so I can listen to your unique story, and understand your unique needs, wants and values.

Having just married 3 years ago, I know that planning a wedding is stressful...but photography shouldn't be one of those stresses.

My clients know that amidst the chaos of planning the biggest day of their lives, they no longer need to stress about photography. They're going to have a fun, professional, and personable experience, allowing them to relax and stay present on their wedding day. 

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What to expect

Helping others gives us purpose. We aim to provide a fun and personable experience, not only to our clients, but to their friends and family as well. The more value we give to our clients' lives, the more value we find in our own lives.

We strive to serve


We understand that our time on this Earth is limited, and we value experiencing life to the fullest. We love thrill, chills, and everything in between. Traveling is a huge part of our lives because it expands awareness and curiosity of the world. 

We seek adventure


We are always learning. The wiser we become, the higher probability we have of making a positive impact in the world. We embrace new challenges, humbly seek out learning opportunities, and continue to grow in our personal and professional lives.

We seek wisdom


Life is supposed to be fun! In everything we do, we strive to enjoy doing it, and we exert positive energy in the process. This ties in closely with seeking adventure and serving others. 

We are fun


We realize there are few things in this world that are black and white. It's wise to keep an open mind because we recognize that people think and act differently than we do. We understand that change is the only constant, and we should embrace it. To do so, we must keep an open mind. 

We are open-minded


Beyond consistently delivering high quality experiences and products, we continue to innovate in each of our areas, never settling for "good enough." We aim to learn from our mistakes and do our best to not repeat them. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

We are talented creatives


Business Values

You’re a client for life

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Northern California couples who hire me for their wedding have the opportunity to receive a free photo session each year for life! 

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Let's chat

My wife and our dogs are the light of my world. 

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I grew up south of the Mile High City. and Colorado will forever hold a special place in my heart. 


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I love different cultures! I'm privileged to have seen 30+ countries, and would love to see 30+ more.



A non-profit organization that helps veterans tackle PTSD through means of photography.

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I’m a self-proclaimed “cork dork”. Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir are my favorite!


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